AbbyThe Compilation 4 (4CDs)
AblazeNr. 31 März/April 2000
AblazeNr. 32 Mai/Juni 2000
AblazeNr. 33 August/September 2000
AblazeNr. 34 Oktober/November 2000
AblazeNr. 35 Januar/Februar 2001
AblazeNr. 36 März/April 2001
AblazeNr. 37 Juni/Juli 2001
AblazeNr. 38 September/Oktober 2001
AblazeNr. 39 Februar/März 2002
Absurd MindsDamn The Lie
Absurd MindsDeception
Absurd MindsMaster Builder
Absurd MindsNoumenoN (Limited Edition, Digipak)
Absurd MindsServe Or Suffer
Absurd MindsTempus Fugit (Digipak)
Absurd MindsThe Cycle (Digipak)
Absurd MindsThe Focus (Limited Edition, limitiert auf 2000 Stk.) (2CDs)
Abyss, TheSummon The Beast
Abyss, TheThe Other Side
AbyssosFhinstanian Nightbreed
AbyssosTogether We Summon The Dark
Accession RecordsVolume 3
Ad InfernaL'Empire Des Sens
AderlassVol. 7 (2 CDs)
AeonPath Of Fire
AerosmithNine Lives
AgathodaimonChapter III
AgathodaimonHigher Art Of Rebellion
a-ha25- The Very Best of a-ha (2 CDs)
AHABThe Call Of The Wretched Sea
AHABThe Divinity Of Oceans
AkercockeThe Goat Of Mendes (Digipak)
AmorphisTales From The Thousand Lakes
Anne ClarkThe Very Best Of
AnnihilatorAlice In Hell
Anorexia NervosaNew Obscurantis Order
AntaeusCut Your Flesh And Worship Satan
AntaeusDe Principlii Evangelikum
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieSoft & Stronger
ApophisDown In The Valley
ApophisGateway To The Underworld
ApophisI Am Your Blindness
Arkhon InfaustusFilth Catalyst
Arkhon InfaustusHell Injection
Arkhon InfaustusOrthodoxyn
Arkhon InfaustusPerdition Insanabilis
Ars VeneficiumThe Abyss, Limitiert auf 500 Exemplare
ArsisWe Are the Nightmare [CD+DVD]
Ärzte, DieDas Beste von kurz nach früher bis jetze
Ärzte, DiePlanet Punk
Ärzte, DieRunter mit den Spendierhosen, unsichtbarer!
AsphyxLast One On Earth
AsphyxOn the Wings of Inferno
AsphyxThe Rack
AstarteQuod Susperius Sicut Inferius
AstarteRise From Within
At Death's DoorAt Death's Door (A Collection Of Brutal Death Metal)
At Death's Door IIAt Death's Door II
AtrocityNon Plus Ultra
AutopsyAfter The Cutting, Deluxe Four Disc Set
AutopsyAll Tomorrow's Funerals (Digipak)
AutopsyMental Funeral (CD+DVD)
AutopsySevered Survival (20th Anniversary Edition) (2 CDs) (Digipak)
AutopsySkull Grinder (Digipak)
Awake The MachinesVol. 1 (2 CDs)
Awake The MachinesVol. 3
Awake The MachinesVol. 4
Awake The MachinesVol. 5
Awake The MachinesVol. 6
AxxisThe Big Thrill
Babes In ToylandFontanelle
Babes In ToylandPainkillers
BanglesGreates Hits
Beauty In DarknessBeauty In Darkness
BehemothThe Apostacy (Digipak)
BehemothThe Satanist
BehemothZos Kia Cultus - Here And Beyond
BelphegorBlood Magick Necromance (Lim. Edition CD in metallic slipcase)
BelphegorBondage Goat Zombie
BelphegorConjuring The Dead, Lim. Digipak incl. Bonus DVD
BelphegorGoatreich - Fleshkult
BelphegorInfernal Live Orgasm
BelphegorLucifer Infestus
BelphegorNecrodeamon Terrorsatan
BelphegorPestapocalypse VI
BelphegorThe Last Supper
BelphegorThe Last Supper (Re-Release)
BelphegorWalpurgis Rites-Hexenwahn
BenedictionTranscend The Rubicon / The Dreams You Dread (2 CDs)
Beyond ObsessionListen Learn Speak
Black EndThe Black Metal Compilation Vol. 1
Black EndThe Black Metal Compilation Vol. 2
Black SabbathThe Best Of
Blind GuardianBattalions Of Fear
Blind GuardianBeyond The Red Mirror (Limited Edition)
Blind GuardianFollow The Blind
Blind GuardianSomewhere Far Beyond
Blind GuardianTales From The Dark Side
Blind GuardianTales From The Twilight World
Blind GuardianTokyo Tales
BloodbathResurrection Through Carnage
BloodlineClubline Vol. 1
BloodlineClubline Vol. 2
BloodlineClubline Vol. 3
Blue Öyster CultCultosaurus Erectus
Blue Öyster CultFire Of Unknown Origin
Blue Öyster CultOn Your Feet Or On Your Knees
Blue Öyster CultSome Enchanted Evening (Live)
Blue Öyster CultThe Revolution By Night
Body CountBody Count
Böhse OnkelzWir Ham' Noch Lange Nicht Genug
Bolt Thrower...For Victory
Bolt ThrowerHonour Valour Pride
Bolt ThrowerIn Battle There Is No Law
Bolt ThrowerMercenary
Bolt ThrowerRealm Of Chaos
Bolt ThrowerSpearhead
Bolt ThrowerThe IVth Crusade
Bolt ThrowerThose Once Loyal
Bolt ThrowerWar Master
Bolt ThrowerWho Dares Wins
Bombs Of HadesThe Serpent's Redemption
Bombs Of HadesThrough The Dark Past
Bowie, DavidThe Singles Collection (2 CDs)
BrutalityScreams Of Anguish
BurzumDet Som Engang Var
BurzumHvis Lyset Tar Oss
Busta RhymesThe Coming
Cannibal CorpseButchered At Birth
Cannibal CorpseDead Forever
Cannibal CorpseEaten Back To Life
Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed Face
Cannibal CorpseThe Bleeding
Cannibal CorpseTomb Of The Mutilated
CapellaU Got 2 Know
CarcassSymphonies Of Sickness
Carpathian ForestBlack Shining Leather
Carpathian ForestFuck You All!!!! - Caput tuum in ano est
Carpathian ForestMorbid Fascination Of Death
Carpathian ForestThrough Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods
Carpathian ForestWe're Going to Hell for This: Over a Decade of Perversions (Compilation) (Digipak)
Carpe TenebrumMirrored Hate Painting
CephalgyEngel Sterben Nie
Chaos BlastMunich Inside Compilation 014
Chelsea WolfeAbyss (Digipak)
Chelsea WolfePain Is Beauty (Digipak)
Chelsea WolfeThe Grime And The Glow
Chelsea WolfeUnknown Rooms (Digipak)
Chelsea WolfeἈποκάλυψις (Apokalypsis)
CinderellaRocked,Wired & Bluesed: the Greatest Hits
Clan of XymoxBreaking Point
Cooke, SamWonderful World
CovenWitchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls
CovenWorship New Gods
CovenantLeaving Babylon
CovenantModern Ruin/Ltd.Digi [Limited Edition, Doppel-CD]
CovenantNexus Polaris
CovenantNorthern Light
CovenantThe Blinding Dark (Deluxe Edition) 2CD + Buch; limited to 1.500 copies!
Cradle Of FilthBitter Suites To Succubi
Cradle Of FilthCruelty And The Beast
Cradle Of FilthDamnation And A Day
Cradle Of FilthDusk And Her Embrace (Digipak)
Cradle Of FilthFrom The Cradle To Enslave
Cradle Of FilthMidian
Cradle Of FilthMidian (Digipak)
Cradle Of FilthThe Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
Cradle Of FilthVempire
Cradle Of FilthVenus In Fear
Creedance Clearwater RevivalRock Legends
CrowbarObedience Thru Suffering
Cryptic BroodWormhead
Cure, TheGreatest Hits
D.R.I.4 Of A Kind
D.R.I.Thrash Zone
DargaardEternity Rites
DargaardIn Nomine Aeternitatis
Dark AllianceVol. 2
Dark FortressSeance
Dark FortressVenereal Dawn (Digipak)
Dark FuneralAngelus Exuro Pro Eternus (Re-Issue+Bonus)
Dark FuneralAttera Totus Sanctus (Re-Issue+Bonus)
Dark FuneralDiabolis Interium
Dark FuneralIn The Sign...
Dark FuneralInfernal - Under Wings Of Hell
Dark FuneralTeach Children To Worship Satan
Dark FuneralThe Secrets Of The Black Arts
Dark FuneralVobiscum Satanas
Dark FuneralWhere Shadows Forever Reign (Ltd. CD Digipak in Slipcase)
Dark MilleniumAshore The Celestial Burden (Digipak)
Dark MilleniumDiana Read Peace (Digipak)
Dark MilleniumOut Of The Past (Digipak)
Dark Park FestivalExklusiver Sampler 2009
Dark Shadows11:11 (Digipak)
Darkness Is Thy KingdomA Journey Into Dark-Metal Sounds Vol. 2
Darkness We FeelVolume II
DarkspaceDarkspace - I (Digipak)
DarkspaceDarkspace - II (Digipak)
DarkspaceDarkspace - III (Digipak)
DarkthroneA Blaze In The Northern Sky
DarkthroneArctic Thunder
DarkthroneCircle The Wagons
DarkthroneDark Thrones and Black Flags
DarkthroneSoulside Journey
DarkthroneThe Underground Resistance
DarkthroneTransilvanian Hunger (Digipak)
DarkthroneUnder A Funeral Moon (Digipak)
Das IchAntichrist
Das IchDie Propheten
Das IchMorgue
De/VisionBest of De/Vision (lim. Edition, incl. Bonus CD)
De/VisionRockets+Swords (Limited Edition inkl. 12 Tracks)
DeadpoolThe Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
DeathScream Bloody Gore (2 CDs) Remastered
DeathSpiritual Healing
Death CampainSampler Metal Blade Records
Death Is Just The BeginningIII
DeejayTribe 1 Compilation
DeejayTribe 2 Compilation
Deep PurpleKnocking At Your Back Door - The Best Of Deep Purple In The 80's
Def LeppardBest Of
DeicideAmon: Feasting The Beast
DeicideIn Torment In Hell
DeicideOnce Upon The Cross
DeicideScars Of Crucifix
DeicideSerpents Of The Light
DeicideThe Stench Of Redemption
DeicideTill Death Do Us Part
DeicideTo Hell With God (lim. Ed., Digi)
Depeche ModeA Broken Frame (CD+DVD)
Depeche ModeBlack Celebration (CD+DVD)
Depeche ModeDelta Machine (Deluxe Edition) [Doppel-CD]
Depeche ModeExciter
Depeche ModeMusic for the Masses (CD+DVD)
Depeche ModeRemixes 2: 81-11
Depeche ModeSongs of Faith and Devotion
Depeche ModeSounds of the Universe (CD+DVD)
Depeche ModeSpeak and Spell (CD+DVD)
Depeche ModeSpirit (Deluxe Edition) (2CDs)
Depeche ModeUltra
Depeche ModeViolator
Diablolos Rising666
Diablolos RisingIndustrial Vampiric Art
Diary of Dreams(If) (Ltd.Edition) [Doppel-CD]
Diary of DreamsEgo:X - Lim. Edition (2 CDs + Buch)
Diary Of DreamsEgo:X (Digipak)
Diary Of DreamsFreak Perfume
Diary of DreamsMenschenfeind
Diary of DreamsNecrolog 43
Diary Of DreamsPsychoma?
Dimmu BorgirEnthrone Darkness Triumphant
Dimmu BorgirFor All Tid
Dimmu BorgirGodless Savage Garden
Dimmu BorgirIn Sorte Diaboli (Digipak)
Dimmu BorgirPuritanical Euphoric Misantrophia
Dimmu BorgirSpiritual Black Dimensions
DioHoly Diver
DioramaZero Soldier Army
Dire StraitsBrothers In Arms
Dismal EuphonyAll Little Devils
Dismal EuphonyAutumn Leaves
Dismal EuphonySoria Moria Slott
DismemberIndecent & Obscene
DismemberLike An Ever Flowing Stream
DissectionStorm Of The Light's Bane - Where Dead Angels Lie
DissectionThe Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief)
DissectionThe Somberlain
Diva DestructionExposing The Sickness
Diva DestructionPassion's Price
Diva DestructionRun Cold
DrainFreaks Of Nature
Dreadful ShadowsBeyond The Maze
Dreadful ShadowsThe Cycle
DrownedIdola Specus
Duran DuranGreatest
Electro Club AttackShot One
Electro Club AttackShot Three
EminemCurtain Call - The Hits
EminenzThe Blackest Dimension
EminenzThe Heretic
EmperorAnthems To The Welkin At Dusk
EmperorEmperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant
EmperorIn The Nightside Eclipse (Digipak)
EmperorPrometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise
EnshadowedMessengers Of The Darkest Dawn
EnslavedHordanes Land
EnslavedIn Times (Lim. Digipak)
EnslavedMardraum: Beyond the Within
EntombedClandestine (lim. Edition incl. DVD)
EntombedLeft Hand Path
EntombedStranger Aeons
Eternal Tears Of SorrowChaotic Beauty
EuropeOut Of This World
EuropePrisoners In Paradise
EuropeThe Final Countdown
EuropeWings Of Tomorrow
EvenfallStill In The Grey Dying...
ExtremeClubhits 01
ExtremeClubhits 02
ExtremeClubhits 03
ExtremeClubhits 04
ExtremeClubhits 05
ExtremeClubhits 06
ExtremeClubhits 07
ExtremeClubhits 08
ExtremeClubhits 09
ExtremeClubhits 10 (2 CDs)
ExtremeClubhits 11 (2 CDs)
ExtremeClubhits 12
ExtremeLustlieder 1
ExtremeLustlieder 2
ExtremeLustlieder 3
ExtremeLustlieder 4
ExtremeLustlieder 5
ExtremeLustlieder 6
ExtremeSchwarze Nacht - Tanz 4
ExtremeSündenfall 01
ExtremeSündenfall 02
ExtremeSündenfall 03
ExtremeSündenfall 04
ExtremeSündenfall 05
ExtremeSündenfall 06
ExtremeSündenfall 07
ExtremeSündenfall 08
ExtremeSündenfall 09
ExtremeSündenfall 10
ExtremeSündenfall 11
Faith And The MuseEvidence Of Heaven
Faith No MoreThe Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection
FalcoOut Of The Dark Into The Light
Farin UrlaubAm Ende Der Sonne
FeindflugSterbehilfe EP
FeindflugVierte Version
FeindflugVolk Und Armee
Fields Of The NephilimRevelations
Flowing TearsJade
Flowing TearsSerpentine
Forbidden SiteAstralgeist
Forbidden SiteStrum und Drang
G.U.C.Compilation Nr. 30
George MichaelFive
Girls Under GlasMinddiver
Goethes Erben / Sara NoxxFalling
GothicCompilation Part 09
GothicCompilation Part 10
GothicCompilation Part 14
GothicCompilation Part 15
GothicCompilation Part 17
GothicCompilation Part 18
GothicCompilation Part 20
GothicCompilation Part 21
GothicCompilation Part 22
GothicCompilation Part 28 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 29
GothicCompilation Part 30
GothicCompilation Part 32
GothicCompilation Part 33 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 34 (2 CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 37 (2 CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 39 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 40 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 41 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 43 (2 CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 44 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 45 (2 CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 46 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 47 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 48 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 49 (2 CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 50 (2 CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 51 (2CDs)
GothicCompilation Part 52 (2 CDs)
GravewormAs The Angels Reach The Beauty
GravewormAscending Hate (Digipak)
GravewormScourge Of Malice
GravewormUnderneath The Crescent Moon
GravewormWhen Daylight's Gone
Grematory StenchGrematory Stench
GriegPiano works - Håkon Austbø
Grind Madness At The BBCThe Erache Peel Sessions (3 CD Box-Set)
Guano ApesProud Like A God
Guardians Of The GalaxyAwesome Mix Vol. 1 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Deluxe (2CDs)
Guardians Of The GalaxyAwesome Mix Vol. 2 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Guns'n'RosesNovember Rain (EP)
HeartThe Essential Heart (2CDs)
Hecate EnthronedKings Of Chaos
Hecate EnthronedRedimus
Hecate EnthronedThe Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty
Hecate EnthronedUpon Promeathean Shores
Heroes Del SilencioSenderos De Traicion
HEX filesVol. 1
HEX filesVol. 2
HEX filesVol. 3
HimDeep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights
HimGreatest Lovesongs Vol. 666
HimRazorblade Romance
HocicoEl Dia De La Ira
HocicoThe Spell Of The Spider (Deluxe Edition) - 2CD Digipak
Hollywood VampiresHollywood Vampires
Holy MosesReborn Dogs
Human League, TheGreatest Hits
Hypocrisy10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion
HypocrisyCatch 22
HypocrisyEnd Of Disclosure
HypocrisyInferior Devoties
HypocrisyInto The Abyss
HypocrisyOsculum Obscenum
HypocrisyOsculum Obscenum (Digi)
HypocrisyPenetralia (Digi)
HypocrisyThe Final Chapter
HypocrisyThe Fourth Dimension
Idol, Billy11 Of The Best
Idol, BillyCharmed Life
Idol, BillyCyberpunk
Idol, BillyThe Originals
IgzornMein Ganzer Hass Gilt Euch
ImmortalAll Shall Fall (Digipak)
ImmortalAt The Heart Of Winter
ImmortalBattles In The North
ImmortalBlizzard Beasts
ImmortalDamned In Black
ImmortalPure Holocaust
ImmortalSons Of Northern Darkness
Immortal RitesBeyons The Gates Of Pain
Impaled NazareneSuomi Finland Perkele
Impaled NazareneTol Compt Norz Norz Norz
Impaled NazareneUgra - Karma
In ExtremoSünder Ohne Zügel
In ExtremoVerehrt Und Angespien
In FlamesLunar Strain (Digipak)
In FlamesSubterranean (Digipak)
In FlamesThe Jester Race + Black-Ash Inheritance (Digipak)
In Strict ConfidenceEngelsstaub
In Strict ConfidenceExile Paradise, Ltd. Box-Set
In Strict ConfidenceLa Parade Monstrueuse - Limited 2CD Box Set
In Strict ConfidenceLove Kills!
In Strict ConfidenceMistrust The Angels
In Strict ConfidenceThe Hardest Heart (Ltd.Box Incl.2CD+MC)
In Strict ConfidenceUtopia / Deluxe Edition (2 CDs)
Iron MaidenIron Maiden
Iron MaidenKillers
Iron MaidenNo Prayer For The Dying
Iron MaidenPiece Of Mind
Iron MaidenPowerslave
Iron MaidenSeventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time
Iron MaidenThe Best Of The Beast
Iron MaidenThe Book of Souls (limited Deluxe Edition, gebundenes Buch) (2 CDs)
Iron MaidenThe Number Of The Beast
IsegrimDomino Inferus Ushanas
IsegrimGloria Deo, Domino Inferi
Isvind1993-1994 Demos
IsvindDark Waters Stir
IsvindDaumyra (Digipak)
IsvindGud (Digipak)
IsvindIntet Lever
Jig-AiKatana Orgy
Jig-AiRising Sun Carnage
Johnny CashAmerican IV: The Man Comes Around
Joy DivisionThe Best Of Joy Division
Judas PriestBritish Steel
Judas PriestPainkiller
KarkadanAlmost Schizophrenia
KarkadanEternal Black Reflections
KataklysmHeaven's Venom
KataklysmIn The Arms Of Devastation
KataklysmShadows & Dust
KataklysmThe Gate Of Reincantation
KataklysmThe Prophecy
KataklysmVision The Chaos
Kim WildeThe Singles Collection 1981 -1993
King Arthur Legend Of The SwordOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrack
KissPlaylist Plus
KorpsePull The Flood
KreatorGods Of Violence [CD+Blu-ray] Digipak
Künstler zum Wave Gothic Treffen10. Wave Gothik Treffen
Künstler zum Wave Gothic Treffen11. Wave Gothik Treffen
Künstler zum Wave Gothic Treffen07. Wave Gothik Treffen
Künstler zum Wave Gothic Treffen08. Wave Gothik Treffen
Lacuna CoilBroken Crown Halo (Limited Edition, CD+DVD)
Lacuna CoilComalies
Lacuna CoilDark Adrenaline
Lacuna CoilHalflife
Lacuna CoilIn A Reverie
Lacuna CoilKarmacode
Lacuna CoilLacuna Coil
Lacuna CoilUnleashed Memories
LaibachIron Sky - Soundtrack
L'âme ImmortelleDann Habe Ich Umsonst Gelebt
L'âme ImmortelleIn Einer Zukunft Aus Tränen Und Stahl
L'âme ImmortelleLieder Die Wie Wunden Bluten
L'âme ImmortelleWenn Der Letzte Schatten Fällt
Last Episode ProductionsThe Return Of The Black Warriors
Liv ChristineDeus Ex Machina
London After MidnightKiss
London After MidnightOddities
London After MidnightPsycho Magnet
London After MidnightSelected Scenes From The End Of The World
London After MidnightViolent Acts Of Beauty
LuciferLucifer I
MadonnaMDNA (Deluxe Edition) 2CD
MadonnaRay Of Light
MadonnaRebel Heart (Deluxe)
MagnumBrand New Morning
Malevolent CreationRetribution
Malevolent CreationThe Ten Commandments
Malevolent CreationThe Will To Kill
MardukDark Endless
MardukFuck Me Jesus
MardukHeaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered
MardukInferno Eternal (Live)
MardukLa Grande Danse Macabre
MardukOpus Nocturne
MardukPanzer Division Marduk
MardukPlague Angel
MardukSerpent Sermon
MardukThose Of The Unlight
MardukWorld Funeral
Marylin MansonHolywood
Marylin MansonOmega And The Mechanical Animals
MasterCollection Of Souls
MasterOn The Seventh Day God Created ... Master
Masters Of BrutalityVolume 1
Masters Of BrutalityVolume 2
MaydayRave Olympia / The Compilation
MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
MayhemEsoteric Warfare (Digipak)
MayhemGrand Declaration Of War (Digipak)
MayhemWolf´s Lair Abyss
MegadethGreatest Hits - Back To The Start
MelecheshEnki (Digipak)
MelotronWeltfrieden (ist käuflich) lim. Edition
MemoriamFor The Fallen (Digipak)
MessiahChoir Of Horror
MessiahExtreme Cold Weather
MessiahRotten Perrish
Metallica...And Justice For All
MetallicaEnter Sandman
MetallicaKill 'em All
MetallicaMaster Of Puppets
MetallicaRide the Lightning
MgłaExercises in Futility
MgłaMdłości + Further Down the Nest
MgłaWith Hearts Toward None
Miles, RobertDreamland
MinistryPsalm 69
MoonspellExtinct (Media Book Lim. Edition)
MoonspellNight Eternal
Morbid AngelAbominations Of Desolation
Morbid AngelAltars Of Madness
Morbid AngelBlessed Are The Sick
Morbid AngelDomination
Morbid AngelGateways To Annihilation
Morbid AngelHeretic
MorgothThe Eternal Fall
MorgothUngod (Digipak)
Mötley CrüeGreatest Hits
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade
My Dying BrideA Map Of All Our Failures
My Dying BrideAs The Flowers Withers
My Dying BrideFor Lies I Sire
My Dying BrideI Am The Bloody Earth
My Dying BrideSymphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium
My Dying BrideThe Angel And The Dark River
My Dying BrideThe Thrash Of Naked Limbs
My Dying BrideTurn Loose The Swans
Myk JungZenith Is Decline (Digipak)
Mystic CircleDrachenblut
Mystic CircleInfernal Satanic Verses
Mystic CircleMorgenröte - Der Schrei Nach Finsternis
Mystic CircleThe Great Beast
NachtschwärmerVol 1
NachtschwärmerVol 2
NachtschwärmerVol 3
NachtschwärmerVol 4
NachtschwärmerVol 5
NachtschwärmerVol 7
NachtschwärmerVol 8
Napalm DeathApex Predator - Easy Meat (Digipak)
Napalm DeathHarmony Corruption
Napalm DeathScum
Napalm DeathUtopia Banished
Nebular Moon... Of Dreams And Magic
Nebular MoonMetamorphosis
Nebular MoonMourning
New OrderBest Of
Nocte ObductaGalgendämmerung - Von Nebel, Blut und Todgeburten
NocturnusEthernal Tomb
NocturnusThe Key
ObituaryCause Of Death
ObituaryObituary (Digipak)
ObituarySlowly We Rot
ObituaryThe End Complete
ObituaryWorld Demise
OcccultureCortex (Digipak)
OpethStill Life
OrkusCollection 1
OrkusCollection 2
OrkusCompilation 02
OrkusCompilation 03
OrkusCompilation 04
OrkusCompilation 05
OrkusCompilation 07
OrkusCompilation 08
OrkusCompilation 09
OrkusCompilation 10
OverkillUnder The Influence
PainNothing Remains The Same
Paradise LostAs I Die
Paradise LostDraconian Times
Paradise LostGothic
Paradise LostHost
Paradise LostIcon
Paradise LostIn Requiem
Paradise LostReflection
Paradise LostShades of God
Paradise LostThe Plague Within (Digipak)
PentagramDay Of Reconing
PentagramLast Rites
PentagramTurn To Stone (Digipak)
Pentagram (CHI)The Malefice (lim. Doppel CD)
Pentagram (CHI)Under The Spell Of The Pentagram (DCD, Ltd. CD+DVD)
PerplexerAcid Folk
PestilenceConsuming Impulse
PestilenceTestimony Of The Ancients
Pet Shop BoysDiscography
Petty, TomGreatest Hits
Petty, TomVol. 1
Phil Collins... Hits
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubLoyality
PoisonPoison's Greatest Hits 1986-96
Project PitchforkAlpha Omega
Project PitchforkBlack (Limited Edition, Digipak)
Project PitchforkBlood (Digipak)
Project PitchforkLook Up, I'm Down There (Digipak)
Project PitchforkQuantum Mechanics (Digipak)
Project PitchforkSecond Anthology (Digipak) (2CDs)
Project PitchforkWonderland/One Million Faces (Digipak)
Pungent StenchClub MONDO BIZARRE For Members Only
Pungent StenchDirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats
Punisher War ZoneThe Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
QueenAbolut Greatest
Raise HellHoly Target
RammsteinDas Modell
RammsteinDu Hast
RammsteinDu Riechst So Gut ´98
RammsteinReise Reise
RamonesHey Ho Let's Go - Greatest Hits
Relatives MenschseinGefallene Engel
ResurrectionEmbalmed Existene
RockfabrikBlack, Hard & Heavy
RockfabrikCold Days Hot Nights
RockfabrikHeavy Christmas '07
RockfabrikWeapons Of X-Mass Destruction
Rory GallagherIrish Tour '74..
Rory GallagherOriginal Album Classics (5 CDs)
Rotting ChristA Dead Poem
Rotting ChristGenesis
Rotting ChristKhronos
Rotting ChristNon Serviam
Rotting ChristPassage To Arcturo
Rotting ChristSatanas Tedeum
Rotting ChristSleep Ot The Angels
Rotting ChristThe Mighty Contract
Rotting ChristTriarchy Of The Lost Lovers
Running WildUnder Jolly Roger
SacralisInfera Destino
Samael1987-1992 CD 1 (Blood Ritual)
Samael1987-1992 CD 2 (Worship Him)
SamaelCeremony Of Opposites
SamaelWorship Him
SantanaCarnaval: the Best of Santana [Doppel-CD]
SatyriconDark Medieval Times
SatyriconIntermezzo N
SatyriconLive At The Opera (Mediabook, Ltd Edition, DVD + 2 CDs), Limitiert auf 1000 Exemplare!
SatyriconNemesis Divina (Digipak)
SatyriconNow Diabolical
SatyriconSatyricon (Special Edition im Digipack inkl. 3 Bonustracks)
SatyriconThe Age Of Nero
SatyriconThe Shadowthrone
SavatageGhost In The Ruins
Schwarz BewegtWe Are Stuttgoth
ScorpionsCrazy World
Scream Silence2nd
Scream SilenceSeven Tears
Scream SilenceTo Die For
SepulturaBeneath The Remains
SepulturaMorbid Visions
Seraphim ShockBlack Heart Revival
Seraphim ShockHalloween Sex 'N Vegas
Seraphim ShockNightmares For The Banished
Seraphim ShockRed Silk Vow
SetherialFrom The Ancients Ruins
SetherialNord + Hell Eternal
Sheryl CrowThe Very Best Of Sheryl Crow
SiebenbürgenPlagued Be Thy Angel
SilencerDeath - Pierce Me
SinisterAggressive Measures
SinisterCross The Styx
SinisterDiabolic Summoning
SinisterSavage Or Grace
SinisterThe Post-Apocalyptic Servant (Digipak)
Sisters Of Mercy, TheGreatest Hits Volume One
Sisters Of Mercy, TheVision Thing
Skeletal RemainsBeyond The Flesh
Skid RowSlave To The Grind
SlayerReign in blood
SlayerSeasons in the abyss
Snow in ChinaElectromensch
SodomDecision Day (Digipak)
SodomIn The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty
SodomPersecution Mania
Sonic SeducerCold Hands Seduction 09
Sonic SeducerCold Hands Seduction 10
Sonic SeducerCold Hands Seduction 12 (2 CDs)
Sonic SeducerCold Hands Seduction 13
Sparklin' DawnHope Dies Last
Star WarsDark Lord Teil 1-4 (Das komplette Hörspiel auf 4CDs)
Star WarsDas letzte Kommando (Das komplette Hörspiel auf 5 CDs)
Star WarsDie dunkle Seite der Macht (Das komplette Hörspiel auf 5 CDs)
Star WarsErben des Imperiums - Teil 1
Star WarsErben des Imperiums - Teil 2
Star WarsErben des Imperiums - Teil 3
Star WarsErben des Imperiums - Teil 4
Star WarsRogue One: A Star Wars Story - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Star WarsThe Force Awakens - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Stendal BlastAlles Liebe
Stendal BlastWas Verdorrt
StereomotionDays of Faith
StereomotionStolz und Demut
Stuttgart-SchwarzNew Dimension 1985 - Rabenvater 2006
Suicide CommandoAnthology (2CDs)
Suicide CommandoFace Of Death
Suicide CommandoForest of the Impaled (Ltd.4cd) Box-Set
Suicide CommandoImplements Of Evil
Suicide CommandoLove Breeds Suicide
Suicide CommandoMindstrip
Suicide CommandoWhen Evil Speaks (Deluxe Digipak Limited Edition) [Doppel-CD]
SvartsynAandens Melankoli (Digipak), Unofficial Release
SvarttjernMisanthropic Path Of Madness
Symphonies Of MadnessVol. I (10 Years FDA Rekotz)
Synth & WaveEssentials Vol. 1 CD 1
Synth & WaveEssentials Vol. 1 CD 2
TaakeGravkamre, Kroner Og Troner (2 CDs)
TaakeNoregs Vaapen
TalanasReason & Abstract
Tears For FearsGold
Tears For FearsShout
TerrordromeII The Hardcore Cyberpunk
TerrordromeThe Hardcore Nightmare
The 69 Eyesblessed be
The Fair SexTFS
The Fair SexUnreleased & Rarities
The Many Faces Of Pink FloydA Journey Through The Inner World Of Pink Floyd (3 CDs)
The Music of Star Wars30th Anniversary Collector's Edition
The OathThe Oath
The Sins Of Thy BelovedAll Alone
The Sins Of Thy BelovedLake Of Sorrow
The Sins Of Thy BelovedPerpetual Desolation
The Sisters Of MercyFloodland
Theatre Of TragedyA Rose For The Dead
Theatre Of TragedyDer Tanz Der Schatten
Theatre Of TragedyTheatre Of Tragedy
Theatre Of TragedyVelvet Darkness They Fear (Digi-Pak)
TiamatCold Seed
TiamatThe Astral Sleep
TotoAfrica: the Best of Toto [Doppel-CD]
Touched By The Hand Of GothTouched By The Hand Of Goth
TundraPrimordial, Limitiert auf 1000 Exemplare
Twisted SistersStay Hungry
Twisted Tower DireCrest Of The Martyrs
Type O NegativeOctober Rust
Type O NegativeWorld Coming Down
UngodCircle Of The Seven Infernal Pacts
UnleashedAcross The Open Sea
UnleashedShadows In The Deep
UnleashedWhere No Life Dwells
VaderDe Profundis
VaderReign Forever World
VaderThe Ultimate Incantation
VaderTibi Et Igni (Digipak)
VallenfyreSplinters (Special Edition, Digipak)
Van HalenBest of Both Worlds - The Very Best of Van Halen [Doppel-CD]
VisageFade To Grey - The Best Of Visage
Vital RemainsDechristianize
Vital RemainsHorrors Of Hell
Vital RemainsIcons Of Coil
VNV NationAutomatic (Digipak)
VNV NationFutureperfect
VNV NationOf Faith, Power And Glory
VNV NationTransnational
WaldgeflüsterFemundsmarka - Eine Reise in drei Kapitel
WarrantThe Best Of Warrant
Weak AsideGhostleader
Weak AsideThe Next Offensive
Wehrle, MartinBin ich hier der Depp? (2 CDs)
WGTKünstler zum 9. WGT Pfingsten 2000
WhitesnakeBest Of Whitesnake
WinterInto Darkness / Eternal Frost
WolfsheimKein Zurück
World DominationVol. 1
World DominationVol. 2
World DominationVol. 3
Wykked WytchAngelic Vengeance
XenomorphBaneful Stealth Desire
XotoxEssentials (Digipak) (2CDs)
XTR HumanDysfunction
ZilloClub Hits 1
ZilloClub Hits 2
ZilloClub Hits 3
ZilloClub Hits 4
ZilloClub Hits 6
ZilloDark progressive Soundsampler I
ZilloGerman Mystic Sound Sampler - Volume I
ZilloGerman Mystic Sound Sampler - Volume II
ZilloGerman Mystic Sound Sampler - Volume III
ZilloGerman Mystic Sound Sampler - Volume IV
ZilloMystics Sounds - Volume 7
ZilloMystics Sounds - Volume 8
ZilloZillo Jubiläums-Compilation 1989-1994 - 5 Jahre
ZilloZillo Jubiläums-Compilation 1989-1999 - 10 Jahre
ZwischenfallFrom The 80's To The 90's Vol. 1 (2 CDs)
ZwischenfallFrom The 80's To The 90's Vol. 2 (2 CDs)
ZwischenfallFrom The 80's To The 90's Vol. 3 (2 CDs)
ZwischenfallFrom The 80's To The 90's Vol. 4 (2 CDs)
ZZ TopGreatest Hits